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Xiamen Angel Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. was founded in 2015, and is located in beautiful costal city Xiamen, which is also well know as one of high quality plastic sanitary ware manufacturing bases in China. Angel is a integrated company which includes research, design, manufacturing and sales. It owns professional research development and quality control teams and advanced production and test equipments.
Angel has been adhering to the "honest management, customer-centered, quality first, continuous innovation" business philosophy, specialized customized sanitary plastic products, such as mechanical cold bidet attachment, non-electric hot and cold water bidet, toilet footstool, portable travel bidet etc., offering comprehensive OEM and ODM services. The bidets toilet developed by Angel are popular among customers by their reliable and steady quality and multiple and useful functions. All Angel's bidets are easy to attach and install to your existing toilet system.
After years of development, with the strong strength, excellent teams, advanced technology, strict management, continuous innovation, perfect service and good brand reputation, our company has become one of the leading enterprises with the greatest development potential in the sanitary ware industry. The company has won the recognition and trust of government departments, financial departments, suppliers and consumers, established a first-class corporate image, created an excellent corporate brand, and promoted the healthy and steady development of the company.
Assembly WorkshopInjection Workshop
Mold WorkshopTesting Workshop
Quality Control
Angel has been adhering to the "honest management, customer-centered, quality first, continuous innovation" business philosophy. We pay much attention from the beginning to the end and test every product before packing.
Our Team
Main Market
Products mainly exported to American, Canadian, European, Southeast Asian and Middle Eastern markets, and we have established good cooperative relations with many famous international brands.Cold Water Bidet Attachment manufacturers
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