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Location: HANGZHOU
YANCHENG LQ Electrical & Mechanical Technology co., LTD. is a major foreign trade enterprise of wire drawing machines and all related machines and fitting parts. We are based on the manufacturing company of Jiangsu Nanhai wire & cable equipment company.
Participate in the exhibition
Participate in the exhibition

We are located in Yancheng that is a beautiful seafront city. We have devoted ourselves into the research and development of wire equipments, especially for the annealing units. Our design of medium & large annealing unit has been highly appraised by our client. With the demand of market, we have successfully designed and manufactured continuous aluminum annealing unit and meanwhile, we have obtained state patent of this unit.
our company
our company
Our partner
As a trade company, we have many factories to support us, such as wire drawing machine factory with the building area at 3000km; we also have a factory to support us the drawing dies which is located in Shanghai; the working shop supply drawing capstans etc.Wire drawing machines at various wire size, continuous annealing unit, drawing fitting parts, annealing fitting parts, drawing dies, and etc.China wf840 wire basket coiler machinery manufacturers
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